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Hire terms & conditions: T&C of Hire.

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Collection of Information
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Cancellation/Amendment Policy: (Notice required & % refunded…refer T&CS for full details)       Amendments to bookings and Cancellation of bookings are not permitted with 90 days of the scheduled hire date. Within 90 days of the event a voucher for 50% of the tariff value will be offered.                                                                                                                    

Tariff/Prices:  Are indicative only, and are subject to Seasonal Surcharges, Premium Location, Premium Day, Governement Taxes, Tarrifs, EXciese and or duties as levied from time to time.  Check pricing prior to booking. Your Booking form request will be quoted on prior to acceptance of any hire.

Gift Vouchers/Discount vouchers:
 Gift Vouchers are available for drive days and rentals via our website. Upon purchase of a gift voucher, the purchase is processed and a voucher will be sent to you via email or mail. Vouchers must be activated by registration through our CONTACT US page and validity is stated on the voucher.

All gift vouchers for drive days and sports car hire are non-refundable where a reservation has been made and the drive day/vehicle hire can not proceed due to:

– Act of God- or, the weather be likely to cause hazard or considered to be a potential road safety hazard.

Should a drive day or vehicle rental not proceed due to unforeseen circumstances, a new drive day will be re-scheduled for another date within 48hours of the cancellation or a refund of deposit paid to the Hire. Hirer acknowledges and agrees cancellation policy outlined in T&C of Hire.

Indemnity: As a condition for your acceptance to use the EXOTIC SPORTSCAR HIRE website including any records, information, offers, misleading information or omissions, you agreed that EXOTIC SPORTSCAR HIRE shall be indemnified against any damage, loss, liability as a result from you acceptance of any information provided by the EXOTIC SPORTSCAR HIRE website.

The types and makes of vehicle may change from time to time, location from location.

Due to mechanical, logistics, or other operational factors vehicle substitutions within a Class of vehicles may be made without notice and or upgrade to a higher class of vehicle.

Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Unless otherwise specified all prices quoted are in US Dollars.

Exoticsportscarhire is not a common car hirer.

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