Hire Agreement and Terms

Please read these terms and conditions and the Rental Invoice carefully. If there is anything that You do not understand please ask Us before signing this Agreement. Your signature is Your acknowledgement that You have read and understood the Agreement in its entirety and that You are bound by it.

Exotic Sports Car Hire agrees to let and You agree to hire the Vehicle for the period (“Hire Period”) set out in the Rental Invoice. We reserve the right to substitute a suitable replacement Vehicle but if You do not accept the replacement Vehicle. You may cancel this contract without incurring any charges. If We request it You agree to pay a deposit to secure a booking. The hire of the Vehicle is subject to You complying with the kilometre allowance set out on the Rental Invoice. If You exceed the kilometre allowance You will incur the additional charges per kilometre as set out on the Rental Invoice. This is referred to as the Excess Kilometre Charge (EKC). You have no property rights in the Vehicle and cannot sell, rent, use the Vehicle as security, or otherwise dispose of any rights, interest or title in the Vehicle. The agreement to hire consists of these terms and conditions together with any schedules and the Rental Invoice. Together these are referred to as the “Agreement”.
2 Security Bond
You must pay to Exotic Sports Car Hire the Security Bond prior to being provided with the Vehicle. The amount of the Security Bond is shown on the Rental Invoice. You authorise Exotic Sports Car Hire to charge the Security Bond to Your nominated Credit/Debit Card. Paying by Credit Card will incur a 1.5% surcharge.
3 Refund of Security Bond
3.1 Subject to clause 8 “Return of the Vehicle”, Exotic Sports Car Hire will refund the Security Bond within 3 business days of the return of the Vehicle.
4 Authorised Driver
4.1 The Vehicle can only be driven by an Authorised Driver as nominated on the Rental Invoice. It is Your responsibility to nominate all Authorised Drivers. In nominating an Authorised Driver You warrant that each Authorised Driver: –
4.1.1 holds a current full driver’s licence and has not had any driving related convictions in the last 3 years;
4.1.2 is over 25 years of age or the minimum age set out in the Rental Invoice whichever is the greater;
4.1.3 has not been refused Vehicle insurance or had a Vehicle insurance policy cancelled by their insurer.
4.2 As between Exotic Sports Car Hire and You, You are responsible for the acts and omissions of any person You allow to drive or use the Vehicle whether an Authorised Driver or not.
5 Care of the Vehicle
5.1 Each Vehicle undergoes a general maintenance and safety check before it is provided to You. The Vehicle has left Our premises in good working order with correct levels of fluids such as oil, coolant, brake fluid and window wiper water.
5.2 You and any Authorised Driver must:
5.2.1 comply with all relevant laws relating to the driving of the Vehicle, including those relating to seat belts, child restraints and mobile phones;
5.2.2 take all reasonable care of the Vehicle so as to prevent damage to the Vehicle or to other persons or property;
5.2.3 ensure that the Vehicle is not overloaded by the number of persons or by the weight of goods carried;
5.2.4 protect the Vehicle against inclement weather (e.g. hail);
5.2.5 keep the Vehicle locked and the keys under Your personal control at all times. You must use any security device fitted or supplied with the Vehicle. You must be able to produce all keys to the Vehicle in the event of a theft of the Vehicle;
5.2.6 refill the Vehicle with fuel when the ‘fuel low indicator’ appears on the Vehicle’s display panel;
5.2.7 where Your hire of the Vehicle exceeds 2 weeks or 3000km maintain all of the Vehicle’s engine and brake oils, engine coolant levels and tyre pressures;
5.2.8 use only Premium Unleaded Petrol or Premium Diesel when refuelling the Vehicle;
5.2.9 adhere to any kilometre instructions displayed in the Vehicle or set by Us;
5.2.10 provide to Us or to any regulatory authority such information relating to the use of the Vehicle during the Rental Period, as may be reasonably requested;
5.2.11 not leave the keys to the Vehicle in it or with it while it is unattended or unoccupied by You or any passenger;
5.2.12 not leave the Vehicle unattended following any accident and before the arrival of a tow or salvage operator;
5.2.13 not modify the Vehicle in any way and no roof racks or towbars are permitted unless fitted by Us;
5.2.14 not smoke in the Vehicle. If you smoke in the Vehicle it will be considered Excessively Dirty.
5.2.15 Not carry dangerous goods or anything that is likely to damage the Vehicle in any way. This includes flammable or corrosive goods, or items that do not fit in the cabin or boot of the Vehicle.
6 Acceptable and Unacceptable Use of the Vehicle
6.1 You must not drive the Vehicle outside of the Nominated Area of Use indicated on the Rental Invoice (if any).
6.2 In addition to any limitations in clause 6.1 You must not drive or allow the Vehicle to be driven: –
6.2.1 on an unsealed road;
6.2.2 Off Road;
6.2.3 on a beach, or through rivers, streams, dams or floodwaters or over a crossing, a levy or shared road/ waterway that has a level of water deeper than 3cms (30mm);
6.2.4 above the Snow Line;
6.2.5 on private property that You do not have permission to enter; or a National Park or other government land/ regions that it is not permissible to enter;
6.2.6 on a construction or building site of any kind;
6.2.7 anywhere where a motor Vehicle or You is not permitted to drive;
6.2.8 on a racetrack of any description.
6.3 You must never:
6.3.1 use the Vehicle when it is damaged or unsafe;
6.3.2 use the Vehicle in any form of media, film, photograph or advertisement without the written authority of the Managing Director of Exotic Sports Car Hire;
6.3.3 drive the Vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs or have a blood alcohol content or level of drugs present in blood, urine or oral fluid that exceeds the limit in the state or territory where the Vehicle is driven;
6.3.4 fail or refuse to undergo any breath, blood, oral fluid or urine test or drug impairment assessment as required by law;
6.3.5 drive the Vehicle while Your driving licence is subject to any restriction or condition;
6.3.6 use the Vehicle in any race or for off- roading, reliability trials, any contest, speed testing, or driving instruction;
6.3.7 use the Vehicle to propel or tow another Vehicle; or
6.3.8 use the Vehicle for any illegal purpose;
6.3.9 use the Vehicle in a manner which may result in it being impounded, clamped or confiscated. You are liable for all our losses in accordance with clause 11.1.
6.3.10 use the Vehicle contrary to any road rules or exceed any speed limits.
7 Breakdowns
7.1 If the Vehicle breaks down or is damaged You must notify Us immediately.
7.2 If the Vehicle breaks down and it is not Your fault We will arrange for the Vehicle to be repaired or returned to Us at our cost. We will provide You with a suitable replacement Vehicle where at all possible.
7.3 If any breakdown or damage is Your fault We will still provide assistance to You, but You will incur a fee at the rate of $85.00 per hour, plus travel costs of $1.20 per kilometre. In addition you must pay any costs we incur to third parties, e.g. tow operators at cost.
7.4 Examples of break down which will incur a fee include (but are not limited to): –
7.4.1 Flat Battery;
7.4.2 Lost keys;
7.4.3 Tyre changing;
7.4.4 Convertible roof malfunction (other than any malfunction not caused or contributed to by you).
8 Return of Vehicle
8.1 Upon cessation of the Hire Period, You are responsible for returning the Vehicle to Our premises in the same condition as when hired to You (fair wear and tear excluded). You must return the Vehicle during normal office hours, unless prior arrangements in writing are made.
8.2 You must also return all keys, security devices and any accessories hired to You with the Vehicle.
8.3 The Vehicle is not considered returned unless We have completed a Vehicle Condition Report. Section 3 must be complete with Your signature and the signature of an Exotic Sports Car Hire employee. Under no circumstances, will the Vehicle be considered returned if it is left at Our premises (either outside the premises or on the premises) without Our written agreement.
8.4 We will conduct an inspection of the Vehicle upon You returning the Vehicle to Us. You must during this inspection or prior to it notify Us of any damage to the Vehicle.
8.5 If We suspect the Vehicle is damaged We will notify You of the suspected damage. We may at Our option have the Vehicle inspected to confirm the damage. If the damage is confirmed You agree to pay Us the cost of the Vehicle inspection and any consequent repairs. If the suspected damage is not confirmed We will pay the cost of the inspection.
8.6 If We suspect the Vehicle has been driven Off Road or otherwise contrary to the conditions in this Agreement We may at Our option have the Vehicle inspected by a qualified technician. If the Vehicle is damaged as a result of being driven Off Road or otherwise contrary to this
8.7 We will provide the Vehicle to You with a full tank of fuel. You must return the Vehicle to Us with a full tank of fuel. If You do not We will deduct from the Security Bond the cost of filling the Vehicle with fuel together with a $25.00 fuel filling fee. You authorise Us to do this.
8.8 If it is not possible to conduct an inspection of the Vehicle with You at the end of the Hire Period, We will use Our best endeavours to confirm the condition of the Vehicle with You within 4 working hours of You returning the Vehicle to Us.
8.9 Provided You have otherwise complied with this Clause 8 the Return Time will be the time when You first attended Our Premises to return the Vehicle not the time when the Vehicle is inspected by Us.
8.10 We strongly advise all Hirers to take out ʻRAA Premiumʼ motoring insurance cover (or similar) to minimize unforeseen out of pocket expenses.
8.11 When collecting the Vehicle the primary cardholder must be present.
9 Late Returns
9.1 You must return the Vehicle to Us at or before the Return Time shown on the Rental Invoice. If You do not return the Vehicle at or before the Return Time, You will incur additional charges as set out below.
9.2 We will charge You an hourly rate for the late return of the Vehicle (Late Return Fee). We will charge You for every 15 minutes or part thereof for which the car is late.
9.3 If notified to You on the Rental Invoice that the Vehicle is required to be returned by the Return Time for another booking (“Subsequent Hire”) and You do not return the Vehicle at or before the Return Time You will be responsible and must pay to Us as damages any amounts We reasonably expect to receive as a result of losing that Subsequent Hire. We will recover these fees from You as a debt. You must indemnify Us for all costs including legal costs on a solicitor and Own client basis if You do not pay any sum demanded by Us under this clause and a Court awards damages to Us for that sum or any greater amount.
9.4 If you cannot return the Vehicle during Our normal office hours You will also incur an Out of Hours Return Charge as detailed in Schedule 1.9.5 We will not accept the return of Vehicle under any circumstances between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. If You cannot return the Vehicle prior to 10:00 pm You must return the Vehicle on the next day. You will be charged for the late return as set out in this clause 9.
10 Indemnity and Limit of Liability
10.1 You shall not be entitled to recover from Us any sum for any delay, inconvenience or loss of any kind due to any accident, breakdown or defect in the Vehicle or from any other cause whatsoever. To the extent permitted by law, Our liability pursuant to any relevant Australian law is limited at Our option to the replacement, repair or re- supply of the Vehicle for the remaining term of Your rental or reimbursement of charges payable by You under this Agreement.
10.2 You agree to indemnify Us and keep Us and Our employees and agents indemnified, against any claims demands and expenses (including legal costs) incurred or sustained by Us or Our employees or agents by reason of Your hire, use and/or possession of the Vehicle.
10.3 We shall not be liable to You for any property stolen from the Vehicle or damage to any property in or left with the Vehicle.
10.4 You release Us and Our, employees and agents, from any liability to You for any loss or damage incurred by You by reason of Your hire, possession or use of the Vehicle, except where Your loss is the direct result of Our negligence or wilful misconduct.
10.5 Notwithstanding clause 10.4, We are not liable to You or any person using the Vehicle with Your express or implied permission for any indirect, special or consequential damages (including lost profits) arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.
11 Loss, Damage and Accidents
11.1 You are liable for the loss of and all damage to the Vehicle. If you have breached the Agreement You are also liable for our loss of revenue while the Vehicle cannot be used or while it is being repaired, replaced, or is impounded or clamped. If the loss of or damage to the Vehicle is not caused by or contributed to by a breach of this Agreement by You or any person using the Vehicle with Your express or implied permission Your liability for the loss of or damage to the Vehicle is limited to the
amount of the Security Bond.
11.2 Subject to any indemnity to which You may be entitled under Our third party property Insurance Policy You are also liable for all damage to any person or property caused by, or arising out of, or in connection with the use of the Vehicle by You or any other person You expressly or impliedly allow to use the Vehicle.
11.3 Any accident or incident involving the Vehicle or damage to the Vehicle must be notified immediately to Us. If this occurs outside of normal office hours, You and/or the Authorised Driver must telephone the Emergency Contact that appears on the face of the Rental Invoice. This includes:-
11.3.1 Any accident that the Vehicle is involved in that may result in damage to the Vehicle, a third party vehicle, any person or property;
11.3.2 Any incident that requires Police intervention (even if no damage is caused to the Vehicle);
11.3.3 Windscreen damage that obstructs the vision or is a risk to the driver or passengers;
11.3.4 Tyre blowouts or punctures;
11.3.5 Acts of vandalism or damage to the Vehicle. If the act was not witnessed by You, the Authorised Driver or a passenger, the damage must be reported immediately upon You discovering it.
11.4 In the event of an accident You and any person driving at the time must:-
11.4.1 Report the accident to Us as set out in clause 11.3;
11.4.2 Report the accident to the Police;
11.4.3 Provide to Us in writing within 48 hours any information in relation to the accident reasonably requested by Us;
11.4.4 Cooperate with Our insurer and provide such assistance as it may reasonably request. This includes attending at Court to give evidence. We will reimburse Your reasonable out of pocket costs in doing so;
11.4.5 Not make any admission of liability nor make any offer of compromise, settlement, waiver or release, with the exception that You may provide any true information which is required to be provided under compulsion of law;
11.4.6 Pay any insurance excess. We can deduct this amount from Your Security Bond. If Your Security Bond is insufficient You authorise Us to deduct this amount from Your Credit/Debit Card.
11.5 You may be entitled to indemnity for damage to third party property under Our insurance policy, subject to the terms and conditions of Our insurance policy in place from time to time.
11.6 If You are or may be entitled to an indemnity from Our insurer We will deduct the excess payable under that policy from
Your Security Bond. You authorise Us to do this. If no excess is payable or is recovered by Our insurer We will refund this amount to You.
11.7 Notwithstanding any other clause in this Agreement You must always pay for and there is no insurance cover for:
11.7.1 Underbody Damage and any damage linked to that Underbody Damage caused by contact between the underside of the Vehicle and any part of the road way or any object or obstruction including but not limited to kerbs, gutters, speed or road humps, barriers or wheel stops;
11.7.2 Overhead Damage; being damage that is caused to a Vehicle with a convertible roof;
11.7.3 Damage caused by total or partial inundation or immersion of the Vehicle in water or exposure of the Vehicle to salt water, including that which occurs whilst the Vehicle is being transported;NOTE Your liability for the loss and damage in this clause 11.7 may exceed Your Security Bond and You are liable to Us for any excess over Your Security Bond.
11.7.4 Damage or third party loss caused or contributed to by You or any driver where You or the driver leaves the scene of the accident prior to the attendance of the police or reporting the accident to the police;
11.7.5 The full cost of replacing or repairing any accessories supplied by Us including, but not limited to child restraints, GPS units and lost keys;
11.7.6 Damage caused by use of the incorrect fuel type;
11.7.7 Loss or damage if it is caused by or contributed to by taking the Vehicle into any area prohibited by this Agreement;
11.7.8 Property that is stolen from the Vehicle, lost or damaged during the Rental Period or left in the Vehicle after the Vehicle is returned to Us;
11.7.9 Loss or damage to Your property, the property of a member of Your immediate family or of an entity related to You, that arises from the use of the Vehicle;
11.7.10 The cost of rectifying windscreen, side and rear windows, headlight, wheel or tyre damage;
11.7.11 Damage to the Vehicle that occurs while the Vehicle is being driven in reverse;
11.7.12 Damage caused deliberately or recklessly by You, or any person using the Vehicle with Your express or implied consent.
11.7.13 Third party loss or damage which is not covered by Our third party property Insurance Policy.
12 Fines, Tolls and Penalties
12.1 You are responsible for all penalties related to traffic and/or parking offences and/or unpaid toll charges. If We receive notice of any such traffic or parking penalties or toll charges incurred by You We will send a copy of the notice to You as soon as practicable and provide the necessary information to the issuing enforcement authority for such notice to be directed to You. The onus will then be on You to pay the charge or query the charge with the relevant issuing/enforcement authority. We will charge You an Administration Fee to do this and You authorise Us to charge this Administration Fee to Your nominated credit/debit card.
13 Rental Invoice and Payment
13.1 At the end of the Hire Period You must pay to Us:-
13.1.1 The amounts shown on the Rental Invoice (which include a $50.00 standard cleaning fee); and
13.1.2 Any additional charges which apply under this Agreement.13.2 The rental charges that We know about when You collect Your Vehicle are set out on the front page of this Agreement under the heading Rental Invoice. You will incur additional charges in the following circumstances: –
13.2.1 You fail to return the Vehicle on time;
13.2.2 the cost of hiring any equipment suchas child seats, navigation) units;
13.2.3 You return the Excessively Dirty condition;
13.2.4 You incur speeding fines, parking fines or other penalties or charges as set out in clause 12;
13.2.5 a fee, which We call a Premium Location Surcharge (PLS), if You rent from certain locations such as airports;
13.2.6 You fail to refuel the Vehicle;
13.2.7 credit card fee of 1.5%;
13.2.8 the fees set out in Schedule 1 to this agreement;
13.2.9 a fee for returning a Vehicle at a location other than where You picked it up, which We call a One Way Rental Fee (OWR);
13.2.10 Excess Kilometre Charge (EKC);
13.2.11 Airport Delivery which includes 10 minutes waiting time, any delays howsoever sustained in pickup of Vehicle shall be charged at $125.00 per hour or part thereof.
13.3 If currency conversion is required for payment of amounts due to Us or returns due to You under the Rental Contract, We will apply the commercial exchange rate valid at the time, and We will in addition charge to You any currency conversion costs.
13.4 We may charge You interest on any amounts outstanding under this Agreement at a rate of 8% per annum.
14 Termination and Obtaining Possession of the Vehicle
14.1 If We suspect on reasonable grounds that the Vehicle is being used for any illegal purpose or in breach of any condition of this Agreement which may result in damage to the Vehicle or loss of use of it We shall have the right at any time to repossess the Vehicle, and for that purpose to enter personally or by our agents at any time upon any building or premises where the Vehicle may for the time being be housed and to break open by force if necessary any such building or premises, and You agree to indemnify Us and Our agents against any loss or damage suffered by Us or any of them while exercising or attempting to exercise the rights conferred by this clause.
14.2 If We exercise or attempt to exercise this clause this Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated. This termination will not prejudice any claim or demand We may have against You.
15 Cancellations and Booking Changes
15.1 You may cancel any booking without incurring any charge by providing to Us 7 days notice, and We will refund any deposit to You.
15.2 If You provide less than 7 days notice but more than 2 days notice You will be liable for 25% of the charges which would have been payable under this Agreement or 1 days rental, whichever is the lesser, and we may deduct this amount from your deposit.
15.3 If You provide less than 2 days notice You will be liable for 50% of the charges which would have been payable under this Agreement or 2 days rental, whichever is the lesser, and we may deduct this amount from your deposit.
15.4 You may request a change to Your booking and We will do our best to accommodate Your request.
15.5 You may request a change to Your booking without any charge by providing Us with 7 days notice. If We cannot accommodate Your request You may cancel Your booking in accordance with clause 15.1 – 15.5.
15.6 If You give Us less than 7 days notice of a change to Your booking We may charge You a fee of not greater than 25% of the charges which would have been payable under this Agreement or 1 days rental, whichever is the lesser.
16 Interpretation
16.1 Headings and titles are for convenience only, and do not affect interpretation.
16.2 The enforceability (or not) of any clause does not affect the enforceability of the remainder of the Agreement.
16.3 No term of this Agreement may be waived or changed except by a written signed Waiver by an expressly authorized representative of Exotic Sports Car Hire. Rental representatives are not authorized to waive or change any term of this Agreement.
16.4 Waiver by Us of any breach of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent or continuing breach.
17 Payment & Default
17.1 If You default in the payment of any rental fees or charges to Us, We may give information about You to a credit reporting agency for some or all of the following reasons: –
17.1.1 to obtain a credit report about You;
17.1.2 to allow the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file about You;
17.1.3 and to list Your default and the debt on that credit information file.17.2 The information is limited to the types of information that may be disclosed under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and may include limited identity particulars including;
17.2.1 the fact that You owe Us money;
17.2.2 payment defaults over 60 days for which debt collection action has started;
17.2.3 confirmation if those disclosed payment defaults are rectified;
17.2.4 Our opinion if We consider that You have committed a serious credit infringement (that is, acted fraudulently or shown an intention not to comply with Your contractual obligations).
18 GST
18.1 All amounts stated in this Agreement are inclusive of GST.
19 Privacy Policy
19.1 We respect Your privacy so We take all reasonable steps to make sure that Your personal information is accurate and up to date and that it is protected from misuse, unauthorised access or wrongful disclosure.
19.2 Your personal information may also be entered into Our centralised database which is managed by Exotic Sports Car Hire and may be accessed by personnel, franchisees and licensees within that group, all of which are governed by group rules that protect Your privacy.
19.3 We may register Our interest under this Agreement on the Personal Property Securities Register.
19.4 You agree that, to the extent permitted by law, We do not need to notify You if We make, or change, such a registration.

20 Definitions
Administration Fee – means the fee charged by Us for certain administrative activities in accordance
with this Agreement and the amount is shown in Schedule 1.
Authorized Driver – means the hirer as set out on the Rental Invoice and any additional drivers nominated as such on the Rental Invoice and who each comply with the criteria set out in clause 4.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) means an optional payment by You to reduce the insurance excess payable by You in the event of loss or damage to the Vehicle or other property.
Debit Card – means Debit MasterCard or Visa Debit Card.
“Emergency Contact” – refers to the telephone contact on the Rental Invoice, You must contact in the event of any accident involving or damage to the Vehicle.
Excessively Dirty – means a vehicle which requires cleaning in excess of Our standard cleaning practices and includes any Vehicle which is contaminated by cigarette smoke.
Excess Kilometre Charge –is the amount payable per kilometre for distance travelled in excess of Your allowance shown on the Rental Invoice. All distances are measured from the Vehicle’s odometer.
Exotic Sports Car Hire – means STEMIDOJU Pty Ltd ABN 11079406572 trading as Exotic Sports Car Hire Australia “the owner” on the Rental Invoice or where applicable an independent Exotic Sports Car Hire licensee.
Final Inspection – means the inspection carried out after We have taken possession of and fully examined and cleaned the Vehicle at the end of the Hire Period.
Hire Period – is the period of time You have approval to use the Vehicle. The start, time and date through to the completion, time and date are shown on the face of the Rental Invoice.
Late Return Fee – means the fee we charge for the late return of the Vehicle which is calculated as 1/8 of the daily hire charge of the Vehicle or for hire less than 1 day the hourly hire rate for the Vehicle. The charge rates for each class of Vehicle are shown in Schedule 2.
Off Road – means any area that is not a road that is sealed with Bitumen, Tar, Concrete, Pavers or Cobblestones, including any unsealed road such as unformed roads, fire trails, tracks, river and tidal crossings, creek beds, beaches, streams, dams, rivers, flood waters, sand, deserts, rocks, fields and paddocks.
Operating Manual – refers to the Vehicle user/operator manual that is supplied by the Vehicle manufacturer. The operating manual provides information specific to the Vehicle in regards to the standards associated with the general maintenance and use of the Vehicle.
Overhead Damage – means damage at or above the level of the top of the front AND REAR windscreen of the Vehicle: Rear spoilers to any part of the Vehicle; Damage to any part of the pantech or box section of a Commercial Vehicle; or “convertible roof”, metal, canvas or any other material and all its elements, including but not limited to covers, housing, etc; or “Hard top” removable roof (convertible Vehicle).
Premium Location Surcharge (PLS) – means the extra amount payable to Us when a Vehicle is hired from a premium location. The amount is shown in Schedule 1.
Rental Station – means the branch or rental location from which You hired the Vehicle.
Return Time – means the time and date shown on the Rental Invoice by which time the Vehicle must be returned to Us.
Snow Cover – means the additional cover that allows the Vehicle to be driven on sealed roads above the Snow Line.
Snow Line – means the gates leading to any of the national parks or snowfields in Australia between 1 June and 31 October, or any area where it is indicated or required that snow chains are to be fitted to the Vehicle.
Start of Rental – means the date and time that the rental commences at the Rental Station shown in the Rental Agreement.
Underbody Damage – means any damage to the underside of the Vehicle From level of the top of the door sill of the Vehicle and includes but is not limited to all parts of the drive train, chassis, steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust, floor pan and fuel systems, body panels, spoilers, splitters and or any other attachments or parts of the body work.
Us, Our, We – means Exotic Sports Car Hire or one of its franchisees or affiliates as shown on the Rental Invoice.
You/Your – means the hirer as shown on the Rental Invoice
Vehicle – means the Vehicle or Vehicles hired to substitute Vehicle.
You as identified on the Rental Invoice and any.

Signed ____________________________

I have read these terms and conditions and the Rental Invoice and by signing this Agreement I agree to be bound by this Agreement.


Credit Card Holder Guarantor (s)
I__________________________________ &or __________________________________
Sign_________________________Date: ________
Alternative Credit Card Holder/ Guarantor Sign__________________________Date:

Schedule 1
This schedule sets out additional charges not shown on the Rental Invoice which may be payable under the Agreement.
Airport Delivery (one way) $45.00
Administration Fee $50.00
Roadside Assistance (your fault) $150.00 (metro area only)
Baby Seat $35.00
Extra driver $35.00
Portable Sat Nav Hire $23.00/day
Excessively Dirty Cleaning Fee $220.00
Out of Hours Return Charge $150.00
Fuel Filling Fee Cost $25.00
Premium Location Surcharge As Quoted
One Way Rental Fee As Quoted
Late Return Fee Hourly or part thereof in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Schedule 2
This schedule sets out the standard daily and hourly charges for each class of Vehicle. These are the rates used to calculate the Late Return Fee. Shown AUD$
Vehicle Class
Hourly Hire (H)
Daily Hire (D)
Marque (H) 475 (D) 3800.00
Race Breed (H) 154 (D)1232.00
Luxury (H) 80 (D) 640.00
Sporty + (H) 74.60 (D) 596.80
Sporty (H) 49.50 (D) 396.00
Funky (H) 30.00 (D) 240.00
Urban (H) 25 (D) 200.00
The class of Your Vehicle is shown on the Rental Invoice

Insurance Policy PDS