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Corporate Drive Days


When are Corporate Drive Days held and how far in-advance do I need to book? Normally, the ESCH Drive Days are held on either a Wednesday or Saturday. (Check with the Local Exoticsportscarhire location). Places are normally available within at least a couple of months in advance particularly for Saturdays. Traffic conditions are generally better mid-week than weekends, but ESCH provides both options.

What are the payment options – can I provide a deposit? You will need to provide complete payment in order to place a reservation for a ESCH Drive Day.

How can I organise a gift voucher? ESCH provides open-dated gift-vouchers, which are valid for a period of 6 months from purchase.

What are the age requirements to participate? Each driver must be at least 30 years of age and no older than 75 to be eligible in order to participate. The minimum age for any non-driving passengers is 15 years.

Can I bring a passenger with me? Yes, all attendees regardless of whether they are driving are charged the same corporate rate. You will be partnered together wherever possible.

How much driving time does each driver get? On average, each driver receives approximately 35 minutes driving time per Vehicle. ESCH cater for 10 guests on every ESCH Drive-Day, each alternating between both driver and passenger throughout the 200km journey, until all guests have driven all 5 vehicles.

Do I need to be proficient driving a manual transmission? It is preferable that you be proficient driving a manual transmission to enjoy driving all of the different vehicles. Should you not feel comfortable driving a traditional manual gearbox, please let us know at least 14 days prior to your scheduled ESCH Drive Day so that we can partner you with someone who is confident. There is usually a minimum of three vehicles on each experience, that can be driven in either automatic or manual (paddle-shift) modes.

What should I bring and what should I wear on the drive day? Depending upon the particular climatic conditions, you will need to wear clothes, narrow-soled footwear sunglasses that are both comfortable to drive in, but do not cause damage to any interior components – particularly leather/alcantara upholstery. No denim,or jewellery ie: rings or bracelets.

What happens if bad weather is forecasted such as showers, storms, high winds or heat? ESCH will cancel/reschedule any drive-experience if severe thunderstorms, flooding, gale-force winds, hail or temperatures exceeding 35 deg Celsius are predicted. Many Exotics are made for cooler climatic conditions and designed to protect the mechanical components of the vehicle, and will therefore shut down ancillary and or non essential items to protect the vehicle under extreme conditions.

What happens if the Drive Day is postponed? In the unlikely event that this should occur, each guest shall receive an open-dated gift-voucher that is valid for a further 6 months. ESCH will not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of cancelling or postponing a drive-experience due to weather.

Can I re-schedule my Drive-Day and if so, how much notice must I provide? Yes you can re-schedule your drive-day provided you notify ESCH more than 30 days prior to your scheduled date. Any requests to reschedule within this 30-day period will incur forfeiture of the hire amount.

What does the maximum ‘at-fault’ insurance excess of USD$10k mean and how does it apply? Can I pay extra to have it waived or reduced? Comprehensive insurance is provided for all Escorted Drive-Day guests during the experience, however a maximum insurance excess (deductible) of USD$10,000 applies if you are responsible for causing an accident and any resulting damage. This insurance-excess may be reduced to half the Insurance excess by payment of an additional fee. Please note that guests are not required to provide a bond in order to participate.

How fast can we go? Normal legal speed limits apply. Note: this is not a track-based or competitive event/experience.

Can I use a mobile phone on the day? You will need to bring a mobile phone with you on the day. Please ensure that it is charged and on, but do not use it whilst driving.

I don’t know what to bring, are comfort facilities provided in the Exotic Sports Cars? Yes! We offer secure presealed comfort packs for purchase in the different vehicles. Including Caps, Sunscreen , Water, Snacks. Don’t worry there is no need to pre-purchase we’ve made it EASY, when the sealed packaging of your comfort pack is broken the purchase price listed in the pack will be deducted from your security deposit.

Do I need to notify you of any health conditions, dietary requirements or allergies? Yes, If you have any health conditions, dietary requirements or allergies please notify ESCH at least 14 days prior to the drive-day, so that we can best accommodate your requirements.

Are there weight and height restrictions? Guests must be under 120kg and no taller than 195cm.

Can I drink alcohol the night before? Will I be breath-tested? It is safer to abstain from any alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your ESCH Drive Day. Each guest will be breath-tested prior to the commencement of the drive experience, and any blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading other than ZERO will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of your experience, without refund or exception.

What sort of licence do I need to drive these vehicles? You will need to possess a complete and valid drivers licence, which has been held for a period longer than three years. If you do not have a local host country drivers permit you’ll need to have an international drivers permit that is approved by the Local Roads and Traffic Authority and is written in English.

What time does the day begin and when does it finish? The Drive Day experience begins at 9.15am for safety briefing..

Ok!Sounds great what now? Head onto our Contact page and email us, we’ll make it all happen for you,…pronto.