FAQ’s about Drive Days

Give me the basics. What is a Day drive?
An Exoticsportscarhire Day Drive is an exotic car driving experience. Depending on the location and the Drive Day package it may be escorted, self drive, short term hire or a AUTO X PLUS experience.Check with the local Exoticsportscarhire office for full details

How can I record my Day Drive experience?
Exoticsportscarhire has available (extra cost) incar video cameras to capture your Day Drive experience, so just ask and we have your Exoticsportscarhire Day Drive immortalised for you to relive over and over.

Can I give this as a gift to someone?
Absolutely! You can purchase a gift certificate directly from our online store
Is a staff member in the car with me while I drive?
Not usually. However this depend on the location and the Drive Day package,. Check with the local Exoticsportscarhire office for full details.For most of our vehicles, we put you behind the wheel and your passenger rides along with you. For a few select vehicles an Exoticsportscarhire staff member will ride with you to assist with the nuances of the vehicle.
Can I bring a friend to ride along with me?
This depend on the location and the Drive Day package,. Check with the local Exoticsportscarhire office for full details. If permitted, make sure all passengers can comfortably fit in the passenger’s seat and be buckled in – we do not permit car seats on the Tour.
Do I have to follow the group? Can I drive my own route?
This depend on the location and the Drive Day package,. Check with the local Exoticsportscarhire office for full details. If it is a guided Tour – we drive together as a group and we bring two support vehicles along for the ride: a lead car (to set the pace) and a tail car (to make sure nobody falls behind). You can drive in any order you want provided you don’t pass the lead car and don’t fall behind the tail car. We do require that you remain with the group, and we do not permit drivers to go explore by themselves.
How many cars will I get to drive?
Day Drive vehicle numbers vary depending on the location and the Drive Day package,. Check with the local Exoticsportscarhire office for full details.
How long is the Day Drive?
Day Drives vary in length depending on the location and the Drive Day package,. Check with the local Exoticsportscarhire office for full details.
How many other drivers will there be on the Day Drive?
Depending on where you are and the Day Drive you select it can accommodate a minimum of 6 drivers. Every participant will always have a chance to drive all six cars. We sometimes incorporate “rest” legs into the event — which means at any time some participants will be driving and up to four will be taking a break and riding as passengers. We’ve found that three hours of intense driving all in one shot can be pretty exhausting, so by adding in rest legs, you get a chance to catch your breath for a few minutes.
How fast do I get to drive?
Most Day Drives takes place on public highways and local roads and local paved public areas, we drive as you would every day on the street – safely with the flow of traffic. On larger highways, that flow can be a nice brisk pace, while on twisty back roads, we’ll take a pace that makes sure you enjoy the back-and-forth turns without undue risk.
Our goal is to give you the true “exotic car owner” experience – we want you to know what it’s like to drive these cars as if they were your own.
Safety is our number one priority and we emphasize it constantly. Any participants found to be driving in a reckless or unsafe manner at any point during the Day Drive will lose driving privileges.
What happens if I get pulled over? Am I responsible for tickets?
Our goal is to give you the “exotic car owner” experience – unfortunately part of that experience is the reality that exotic cars draw a lot of attention, both wanted and unwanted. In the rare case that you are pulled over during the Day Drive, you will be responsible for any tickets received.
I don’t care about any of the cars other than the …. Can you guarantee I get to drive it?
The purpose of the Exoticsportscarhire Day Drive is to give you an adrenaline-filled “sampler menu” of exotic cars – you get to drive six different vehicles from the world’s best and most exciting manufacturers. Because of the nature of these high-performance vehicles, maintenance issues do arise and occasionally we must make vehicle substitutions. We therefore cannot guarantee any specific car will be a part of a given Tour.
Do I have to know how to drive a Manual gear shift?
No. All of vehicles on the Day Drive experiences are either fully automatic or semi-automatic (F1-style “paddle shifters”).
How do I drive a “paddle shift” transmission? Is it hard? Will you teach me?
F1-style paddle shift transmissions are the latest innovation in high performance vehicles. Adopted from the transmission of the world’s fastest professional race cars, it blends the performance and efficiency of a manual transmission with the ease and speed of an automatic.
It takes about 10 minutes for a normal driver to get accustomed to driving a paddle-shift vehicle. We provide full instruction before we depart, and in no time you’ll be driving and shifting like a pro!
What is the age requirement to drive? Are there other requirements?
All drivers must be 25 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license and personal auto insurance. If you do not have personal auto insurance, several options are available to you – contact the local Exotisportscarhire office for details.
Does my own insurance cover me in the Drive Day Experiences? I only drive a Toyota Camry!
Depending where in the World you take an Exoticsportscarhire Drive Day, Insurance conditions vary, check with the guys and gals at the location you plan to take your experience and they’ll help any way they can.
What else should I know?
On the day of the event, we hold a fully-refundable security deposit (depending on the vehicle class and location the amount varies to match the deductible of your insurance) on a credit card. It’s extremely rare that we ever need to access this deposit, but it does happen. Just drive safely and make sure to bring back the cars in the same condition they start. The deposit is released 3 days after you return the Exotic to Exoticsportscarhire.
Please make sure to check and agree to our Terms and Conditions for all the P’s & Q’s.
I’m ready! What’s next?
You’re set. Head on over to our Contact page and use the password ‘Exotic‘ to get access and sign up.